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  • Have questions about Mac, PC, iPad or Android?
  • Don't have a clue where to start?
  • Want to keep in touch with family or friends?
  • Want to organize your home or office?
  • Locked out of your computer, account or email?
  • Has "the cloud" floated by?
  • Need help saving passwords (this is a MUST!)?
  • Wary of online banking or shopping?
  • Need to organize your photos, docs & videos?
  • Computer running slowly or with pop ups??
  • Is AOL "Gold" or other email confusing?
  • Need general tech advice or setup?
  • Afraid you'll push a button & break the machine?
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Your Computer Tutor LLC has been helping tech clients just like you for 20+ years.  We are a mobile office in Hartford who helps computer clients online,  in their homes, mutual meeting place or small business.  A+ Certified.  Always updating training through blogs, websites and publications.  Many clients have been with Your Computer Tutor LLC since 2001. No "being put on hold indefinitely"  with this company!  Those days are behind you! CALL or click "contact us" now: 2624571025 or 2626798789.