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Your Computer Tutor & Repair is a mobile service, meaning you won't have the worry of dragging your desktop computer anywhere -- we can come to you!  We love what we do and it shows!

AND...You can also get help FAST by clicking the above button just above the "computer & tech help" heading & installing teamviewer.  (No appointment needed)


  • receive computer help ASAP (at home or anywhere else!)
  • organize AND BACK UP your "stuff" (including pictures)
  • save $ on cable, phone (s)  or internet or... CUT OUT CABLE!!! (we set up boxes)
  • get help with HOME ORGANIZATION (or office / help with office related tasks)
  • list your your stuff for sale online so you can clean out that basement / attic
  • design a social media page or create something special
  • know computer problems will not get better by themselves --  they could lock you out of the Internet.  Our visits help reduce that risk and protect you online.
  • get things SET UP: email, printer, kindle, shopping ipad, computer, phone, tablet and  / or wireless network OR get general tech help and repairs or check ups
  • hang up if "microsoft" or anyone else calls you from any well known company, it's most likely a SCAM!  Don't EVER let ANYONE into your computer unless you know them!  Know they WILL high pressure you and tell you you're infected!
  • LOOK to see if your computer slows down or if you have pop ups - CALL US!


If you have a willing attitude, can invest some money & time in yourself -- you CAN do this! Email or call now!


Call or text: 2626798789 or 9203508789