Your Computer Tutor & Repair, LLC 

CALL 9203508789  "Newbies, Seniors & everyone in between!"


Don't be intimidated by your computer (or devices), we can help you with setup, repairs & lessons!


Get (in-home) help with:

  • Password reset & recall (of all types)

  • Keeping you safe online - checking your antivirus
  • Email
  • Q & A session(s)
  • Slow computer & pop ups (it will not get better on its own)
  • Microsoft and other security "warnings" (these are fake & must be taken off your computer)
  • Mac or PC computers and... shopping for computers & devices
  • Windows (10, 8 or 7)
  • Printers (setup & repair)
  • Set up or fix your wireless (DON'T pay cable's monthly charges!!)
  • Getting a new or better cell phone or plan
  • Cord cutting (getting rid of cable or satellite)
  • LOWERING your TV/Phone and Internet BILLS (done it many times for folks!)
  • Reinstalling or upgrading/repairing Windows
  • Scanning pictures or letters or using your camera (or phone/ipad camera)
  • Cleaning out your home, basement or office & selling stuff for you
  • Planning your next trip/travel arrangements
  • Virtual assistant or on site office or help in your home with most everything
  • "House calls" (OR meet at your office, library or a restaurant)
  • Small business needs
  • Packing for a move and setting up your stuff after
  • Social Media
  • typing a letter, saving documents, creating budgets or reports
  • Computers & Tech 101
  • Wireless setup/fix (don't pay cable's monthly fees!)
  • Solving Internet problems
  • Anything "tech"
  • **We've started people from square 1 who had little to no computer experience.  **No worries, we can help you if you're willing to learn.
  • Worried about cost? Call for your free estimate. For your convenience, price is per job or lesson, not on actual time spent. Packages of 3-6 visits are available to save you $! Like us on Facebook for specials!
  • Not sure what you want or need?   Call & we'll talk about it!
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DON'T HESITATE TO CALL or text 9203508789 or if you need computer or tech repairs or instruction in Fond du Lac, Washington, Dodge or Winnebago county.  We can help you navigate the computer "jungle" so you can use devices the way you prefer.   We treat you the way a friend would!  You will enjoy your visit!  *Sorry, no warranties expressed or implied.  We do not offer professional/legal advice. 

Payment due upon job completion (or if online prior to job completion).


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